In preparation to ‘prepare’ — Advent is near — what do we do?

Oh, the wonder of this time of year. We set our hearts and minds toward the celebration of a ‘Promise’ that was born. God reminded us through the miracle of birth that the world was blessed and all were welcome to be a part of that blessing.

Advent is a time to prepare… but for what? These four weeks move at the speed of sound bites and flashing lights. I share this video to remind all of us – it is so simple and what we pay attention to, makes a difference throughout the world. Click here: ADVENT CONSPIRACY (thank you, Cathy Ode).

It is a great way to prepare for the season of ‘preparation’.

7 thoughts on “In preparation to ‘prepare’ — Advent is near — what do we do?”

  1. Advent Conspiracy is one of my most favorite videos! YouTube has several from past years. I wish a funder could provide national ads on TV to share the message with those who aren’t online. Hope you’ve been doing well!


    1. It is a good video! A funder would be great – if we could redirect the focus from “buy, buy” to “give, give”. Don’t give up, there might be a way. And in the mean time ‘do all you can, in the time you have, where you are’ [Nkosi Johnson – twelve-year-old Zulu boy, living with AIDS]


  2. We’ve decided not to do ‘Santa Claus’ at our house… we’ll give Pax three gifts from us in honor of the 3 wisemen’s gifts to Jesus and we’ll have Pax choose 3 gifts for others, whether it’s a goat/cow/chicken project or an angel tree… something like that. I’m really excited about it! My good friend Jill took her girls to the mall last year and the bell ringer asked the girls if they were excited about Santa… her oldest (5 yo) said, ‘We don’t do Santa at our house, we do Baby Jesus.’ I LOVED that and it became our inspiration. I guess the first step would be to birth the baby though! 🙂


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