Do we have to wait four weeks?

Can I open my eyes yet? Is God here yet? Do we have to wait four weeks?

Welcome to the season of Advent! In the midst of all of our efforts to be watchful and prepare for the coming of our Lord, many of us find ourselves stretched in so many directions; it is hard to know how to focus. This picture above speaks volumes to our dance between excitement and apparent stress!

Advent calls us to open our eyes. Look all around to see what we have and to understand what we need. The four weeks of waiting is to remember, reflect and refresh ourselves as we prepare for the celebration of God’s presence among us. When we open our eyes we see God’s presence in one another and all of creation.

And so we prepare — in the midst of our own apparent stress, we prepare for the delight of a child in our midst, in our hearts. To do this each of us needs a little time — to breathe deep and listen, to open our eyes and see. There is wonder in the quiet dark of winter. The four weeks of waiting, preparing, allows us the time to experience this wonder.

May we share this joy with all creation—as we celebrate God in our midst.

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