Advent III — does God feel nearer?

How busy can we get?! Oh very! Yet –the wonder of a child’s eyes as evening lights begin to glow throughout the neighborhood or the door we hold for someone whose arms are filled with food for the needy, remind us of the spirit surrounding us. This prayer speaks to the nature of that spirit’s call.

Advent III — are you beginning to sense the growing anticipation? Take time to notice…

Draw Close to the Love of God

God draw us close as we await the Advent of your Son
Into the embracing arms of a mother
Into the compassionate care of a father
God draw us close
Into your loving omnipotent presence
You who never tire of coming into our world draw us close
As we await the Advent of your Son.

For more prayers and reflections visit Christine Sines’ blog,GodSpace.

2 thoughts on “Advent III — does God feel nearer?”

  1. It is my image of the kingdom. Arms filled with children, food, instruments of music and blankets for warmth and rest. Oh, and of course — all creatures great and small.
    All welcome, all blessed.


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