a moment to pause-

182355_10150997763903185_64655903184_231520356_666399432_nThese last few days have left me with a sense compassion and an edge of hope. As a priest and chaplain, I have spent many hours in the still, heart wrenching silence that follows the question of “why” — why must we suffer the loss of one loved; too early, unnecessary, and helpless to control the outcome we face.

There are words from Phoenix during Wednesday night’s memorial service for our recent national tragedy that stirred hearts and strengthened spirits. Our President drew us near – near to one another while he spoke. These words touched me deeply — “And in Christina…in Christina we see all of our children.  So curious, so trusting, so energetic and full of magic. So deserving of our love. And so deserving of our good example.”(excerpt – entire speech can be found here)

Today I entered an elevator with three other people. As the doors opened on the first floor, one man turned to us and said, “I am practicing what our President called each of us to do last night… Have a good day.”

Have a good day. Four simple words that caused a moment to pause – set a good example. It is important to recognize these ‘moments’ — do you have one to share?

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