the Rocky Path to follow…

I am that which is highest. I am that which is lowest. I am that which is All.  (“I Am” by Julian of Norwich)

Grateful for the inspiration from the ‘Art Blog’ at Episcopal Café — I find myself reflecting on this picture as an image of preparation. Labyrinths provide  journeys that are often filled with emotion and insight. I have many personal stories of my experience rolling on labyrinths. Alone or with another, these journeys open the way for a more personal relationship with God. On this evening I am reminded of  the song, ‘By my side’,  from the musical Godspell:

Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Can you take me with you?
For my hand is cold
And needs warmth
Where are you going?

Far beyond where the horizon lies
Where the horizon lies
And the land sinks into mellow blueness
Oh please, take me with you

Let me skip the road with you
I can dare myself
I’ll put a pebble in my shoe
And watch me walk
I can walk and walk!

I shall call the pebble Dare
We will talk, we will talk about walking
Dare shall be carried
And when we both have had enough
I will take him from my shoe, singing:
“Meet your new road!”
Then I’ll take your hand
Finally glad
That you are here
By my side ( adapted)


Stretched out before us is a “walk” with Dare. May the twists and turns  of these next three days bring all of us to that moment when we can, meet our new road — finally glad that God is here by our side.

Image above: “Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico,” by Christine Valters Paintner OblSB, PhD, REACE

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