How we lead and how we follow…

As I write this entry I am in my third day of retirement.  Unexpected as it is, I’m grateful for the time to focus on rest and healing. It is often said ‘we make plans and God laughs’! For over a year I have listened closely to understand where my ministry was being directed.  Even though I was certain what the next step would look like, I continued to be drawn to quiet places where normal ways of processing were conveniently removed.

There is much to be said for the comfort of companions along life’s journey. My assist dog, Lilly, has been such a companion for over eight years. We have certainly learned the importance of paying attention to one another and I have often found her quiet presence to be a strength and comfort. With all the emotions brought on by change, this patient friend has been by my side. The picture I share speaks to that relationship.

The labyrinth is a symbol of the turns we meet as we dare walk the road of faith. By my side, Lilly pays close attention to my turns while I ‘walk’ this path and soon she finds her own path next to mine. Trusting in our ability to sense one another’s movement, we journey to the center and return to our beginning point – spirits settled and trust strengthened.

This is about how we lead and how we follow. Nothing is simple  when it comes to change yet the Companion’s gift to be near and compassionate helps to uphold us during transition. This is my experience – I welcome hearing about yours!

8 thoughts on “How we lead and how we follow…”

  1. Change is hard work and exhausting. But, if we, as you do, understand the need for the listening state of a quiet spirit, it can be the hard work of giving birth to a new and wonderful delight.
    Love & Joy,


    1. Thank you, Sarah. All times of change bring energy and exhaustion — these things can be felt from one minute to the next. Just like the rhythm of giving birth!


  2. Many blessings, Carrie. I think of the phrase attributed to Tolkien: “not all who wander are lost”. And the trail of trust that is the labyrinth. Unlike the maze, there are no tricks or traps. Roll on. You and Lilly are making the way. Prayers for the up and downs. paz y bien H.


  3. Wonderful posting and so nice to find you again after all these years! I’d like to catch up and move forward… staying in touch!


  4. Carrie,
    Uh-Oh. The phrase “rest and healing” scares me because last time we spoke you had more active plans…As a friend who has been resting and healing unexpectedly, I recommend Meister Eckhart’s “The Book of Divine Consolation,” an essay that is in nearly any book of Eckhart’s collected readings. This essay kicked my butt. Good luck in your rest, and especially, healing. Perhaps we can exchange book titles.
    mike hamer


    1. Hi friend- All is well. Life has taken an unexpected turn yet for the good. We have many book titles to exchange! For that I am thankful…
      peace– Carrie


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