Crossing a bridge to a new path…

I have been wanting to write for several weeks. Each time I began to write, my attention was redirected to distractions and details. Good intentions are often just that – but that is not how this season will pass for me.

This image of a bridge speaks to this time of my life. I face a time of significant changes. Looking across to the other side, I see the beginning of the path but have little knowledge of what will be “around the bend”. I did not expect to retire at 54 but my plans did not match the journey that is before me. Retirement comes for medical reasons – time to slow my pace and pay attention to what will enrich the quality of my life.

So this is about changes and choices — changes always bring possibilities. As I write tonight, I am preparing for a move. A move to the mountains where I hope to find nurture and inspiration. For support and safety, I have chosen to move into a retirement community. Barely ‘of age’ (the youngest age for entrance is 55) – I knew this was a good choice for me. It was a big decision. One that was not easy and often still hard to talk about. I dare say — many people my age who live with a disability have thoughts and concerns about what this decision might mean and if it is in their own future.

In the weeks to come I will write about this time of transition — the easy moments and the moments more difficult. I will welcome and be grateful for reflections and thoughts from anyone reading… 

8 thoughts on “Crossing a bridge to a new path…”

  1. I happened upon your blog from who knows where … probably a comment you left at someone else’s blog … and immediately knew that I would want to follow your journey. We have something in common already. I am 53 and currently in the process of filing for disability due to health concerns, and have struggled mightily against accepting my physical disabilities. I wish you well on your journey, and look forward to becoming online buddies as we get to know a bit more about one another. Travel safely, and best wishes.


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