The gift of grace…

One week left – moving van reserved, boxes filling, and copious calls being made. No matter how organized I had hoped to be, at this moment the list grows and time shortens. The retirement community has been gracious. No charge for the guest apartment! My friends can stay in a beautiful apartment down the hall from my new home. This means they will be more than comfortable – a good thing because they will have driven six hours, helped unload and put up with me (a ball of emotion).

There is a moment in any large project I undertake when I am humbled by the people who surround me to support and assist. The exchange between myself and those who catch my vision or rally to my aid is often filled with grace and humor. The most difficult part for me? To SIT and watch as my directions are taken. I cannot touch any of the objects being unwrapped and placed in drawers, cabinets or hung on walls. When my directions begin to sound like demands I know it is time to stop, to take a break for a walk outside or to share a glass of wine. May I have the insight to know when those moments are needed.

The last days are here. This time next week Lilly and I will be sleeping in our new apartment and waking to the sun’s light as it crests over the mountains. There have been more unexpected challenges than I thought possible. Yet, with family and dear friends, what seemed impossible has been accomplished.

Surrounded by grace – I continue to give thanks.


4 thoughts on “The gift of grace…”

  1. Hi Carrie,

    My name is Lois & I’m a friend of Lisa Richey. My husband is physically challenged also, he was born with spina bifida.

    We just happened to be getting ready to move back to a retirement community in Kissimmee, FL. Our big day is March 1st. We loved it there, we moved to Whiteville to be closer to our daughteri in Tabor City. We met some wonderful friends here, but we just did feel as happy as we were in Florida. If your community is like ours, it is like a small town. It is called Good Samaritan Village. They have different kinds of living arrangements, cottages, apartments, assisted living and health care center. We’ll be living in a mobile home there, as that’s the most economical. What’s the name of your community?

    Good luck in getting ready to move, we will be so glad to be settled. We have a moving pod and will have to have help when it is delivered.

    Love & peace,


    1. Lois, thank you for this kind note. Kissimmee is one of my favorite places! I will check out where you and your husband are relocating and share information about my new home as well.
      Please visit again. I will be prayerful of your transition.
      In peace…


  2. Hi Carrie, I hope you are adjusting well to your new life. Me, not so much. Now that we are here, I’m wishing we were back in North Carolina. I know it sounds crazy, but my husband is more forgetful, since we moved, this house is smaller and I miss our kitty that we left behind, & can’t afford to bring here. Our pastor tells me that moving brings grief and that’s why I’m so down. Our budget is much tighter here too! Instead of appreciating the Lord’s blessings, I just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel:-(

    Blessings, Lois


    1. Change is confusing and may bring emotions and fears. Settling into any new home takes a while. Be gentle with yourself. Try finding one thing to be grateful for each day. You will find the simplest things may help bring the light to you.
      In peace,


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