One more trip around the sun…


Two days and counting… Lilly sleeps by my side as I write tonight. We are both grateful for the peace and comfort of a ‘mother’s care’. It has been good to share these days with Mom in her home.

More boxes, last minutes details – one more visit to doctors and veterinarians, a quick run to get a hair cut and meeting with friends to drop off gifts, share a glass of wine and hold them tight enough to seal our love beyond this change of address.

The mountains call and wouldn’t it figure, Jimmy Buffett re-appears. While in seminary, my friends would tease me, saying that Buffett’s lyrics were really at the heart of my theology (politics withstanding). When his music begins to echo in my home, I know time has once again expanded.

Tonight, I thank a friend who while celebrating a birthday today, shared this song and video. The words resonant with my own experience of the past year. With all that I thought I was ‘organizing’ I could never have seen what was coming. A move, a place to go where I can be comfortable and a closer view of the night sky! Plans can go so many directions from where we might expect. Makes life feel like a carnival ride at times.

Today, I am quite certain that this song’s lyrics work best as my mantra (though a bit long) during this transition and beyond, ‘I’m just hanging on while this ole world keeps spinning and it’s good to know its out of my control. If there one thing that I’ve learned from all this living, is that it would not change a thing if I let go.’

So, I plan to enjoy this ride…

4 thoughts on “One more trip around the sun…”

  1. Carrie,
    Bon Voyage. I hate that we didn’t get to connect before you left: I had an unexpected stay for a week at PCMH/vidant. I’m home now, getting a bit of strength back together.
    I look forward to yr posts from the mountains.


  2. Carrie,

    We will miss you in eastern North Carolina. My youngest daughter was transferred to Denver and moved this week. I hope you both will enjoy mountain living. I’m a huge Buffett fan so I really enjoyed your blog today.

    Take care,


    1. Jimmy, it is good to hear from you. We never know when we will meet another Buffett fan! The Rocky mountains are where I cut my teeth on living in the highlands. I hope your daughter enjoys Denver.
      I will miss you, too. Yet I have a since that our paths will cross along the way. Peace…


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