Finding Home.


I share this blog entry with gratitude for its wisdom and honesty. As I am experiencing my own re-membering of all the homes that have formed my sense of belonging, these words ring familiar.



Yesterday, I spent some time driving through my hometown with my mind full of memories. It’s the next to last day of Spring Break, and the end of Spring Break means getting back to the hum-drum of college and academics. That’s not why my mind is full of memories though. A while back, I wrote a few posts concerning the fact that my parents are moving from St. Matthews, SC to Saluda, NC. Though I’m looking forward to them being closer to me since I’m in Asheville at college, I guess I never let it all sink in.

The “For Sale” sign in front of our house is hard to see. There will be someone else living in our house, someone else playing in the backyard, someone else making memories in the place that I called home for so long. It’s weird. I think we all hope that we’ll leave…

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