What is courage?

Courage is simply doing what is right in spite of being afraid.

(taken from (HAVE A DREAM…) – an inspiring and enriching blog)

What a perfect quote for this night! There is little way to really know what it must felt like for Jesus to “simply” do what was right. We are given clues to his honest struggle the hours before his arrest.

These last few moments are raw with emotion. Jesus asked for support through the alert presence of those who joined him in that garden. In the end even this was a challenge! The disciples could not stay awake.

Yet he still asked – in tender, honest and finally frustrated words, Jesus reminds us of the natural desire for companionship during difficult times. He did not hide his fear yet when the time came he stood with courage to face his future.

On this eve of Good Friday, I feel that call to stay alert. Surrounded by a group of God’s faithful, I sit in church or chapel offering my attempt to be present to these moments. It is such a simple thing to do – right?

Courage is experienced through his actions – to do what is right. when the words of prayer run dry, I give thanks for the words and melody of the following Taize hymn.

Stay Here With Me

May we find the courage to share our own devotion by word and, more important, by example.

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