Hope is the match…

“Prayer is simply hope captured.”

So many people seek hope. So many stretch to find a spiritual path. Does it have to be so difficult? Do we make things too complicated?

My intuition is to think – yes. The path often lays out right before us and hope a natural way of connecting to something greater than ourselves.The words that follow are taken from the FaceBook page of Bishop Steven Charleston Visit if you get a chance. His reflections are clear, inspiring  and accessible.

In your search for quiet and reflection, may the flames of hope light your path to prayer…

“Hope is the match, prayer is the fire. If you know someone who needs a little help in getting a prayer life going, ask them if they ever hope for something. Its a safe bet that they do. And all the time. Humans are hopeful creatures. We are in an almost daily state of hope. We hope it won’t rain. We hope we get better. We hope we win. Hope is a constant for us in our emotional matrix. Prayer is simply hope captured. Rather than a fleeting wish, through prayer hope becomes a focused intention. Prayer matures hope by allowing God to light a fire.”

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