Can we see the big picture?

As we are experiencing- media can make ‘spreading truth’ very difficult. Of course we do not all agree! Yet where do we hear REAL conversation? There are statements and actions being taken to bring about equality that stay quietly removed from the mainstream. I share this article with you. In turn please share your thoughts…

Peculiar Faith

“See, I am making all things new!” That’s a great biblical exclamation for this Easter season (Rev. 21:5). But apparently the news media didn’t get the memo. That’s not terribly surprising, but I did expect more from PBS.

I have come to expect that both Fanatically Xenophobic (FOX News) and the Moderately Socialist News Broadcasting Company (MSNBC) to play the tired old religion-hates-gay-people card. It makes for great ratings. But the PBS News Hour?

The News Hour led their broadcast today with the great news that President Obama has declared his support for civil marriage equality for lesbian and gay couples. The story then shifted to the analysis part. And upon whom did PBS call to discuss “both sides” of this issue? Evan Wolfson, of Freedom to Marry, and the Rev. Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church, who is opposed to marriage equality. (Here’s the clip.)

Really, PBS?…

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2 thoughts on “Can we see the big picture?”

  1. As a former journalist I can tell you that “media” on both sides is not nearly as concerned with truth as it is with ratings and selling ads. These things are why I am a “former” journalist. The truth is that the statement President Obama made yesterday leaves the decision on the legality of gay marriage in the hands of the individual states. He made it clear that, while he believes that gay marriage should be allowed, it should be left up to the states to decide. That doesn’t change the current situation beyond him voicing a change in his own view, which I think is commendable but doesn’t go far enough.
    I fully support gay rights, including marriage, and I think I’m in the majority. This is an issue that I think will run it’s course very soon with the GLBT community gaining full equality.


    1. Thank you for sharing! A perspective from a former journalist means a lot. We continue to hear more ‘news’ of responses throughout the country and beyond. One voice at a time makes a difference. Again, thank you.


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