Feeling small?


We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
Blessed Mother Teresa

These words can be encouragement yet I reflect on them more as a challenge this morning.
Does the world feel too chaotic? Are we bombarded with confusing and out-right unkind statements concerning our political leaders and neighbors? It is not easy to understand this shift in the way decisions are being made in this day and time – decisions on the way we care for and respect one another. To err on the side of kindness seems to have been lost in an angry and selfish movement filled with fear and inequality.

The chaos swirling all around us can feel out-of-control and therefore ‘hopeless’. In many ways all of the noise makers are betting on the fact that planting fear and confusion will discourage most people and leaving them an empty road to ride filled with satisfied triumph. In this moment, take Mother Teresa’s words to heart. We are called to act with confidence – our deeds will serve those in need and bring about justice – one person at a time. What is before you as you begin this day? Who will cross your path in need of a simple gesture of kindness?

This may not bring immediate gratification, at least when it comes to global justice and peace. Yet our actions offered with care and respect are crucial. Each act, as if a drop, joins other such acts and soon – the world can be filled with a sea of kindness. A sea designed to encourage hearts weak with fear and isolation.

No better time to begin than now. This day be alert, stay awake – notice one way to offer help where help is needed People are longing for examples of how to make a difference. Be that example, one action at a time. 

6 thoughts on “Feeling small?”

  1. Start by smiling at people, looking them in the eye, and complimenting them on one nice thing they’re wearing or doing. Being kind is a small thing that can make someone else’s entire day. And if they scowl back at you, know that you’re doing better than they are and wish them well, anyway.


  2. you sure have a delightful and inspiring blog here carrie. so very happy to have found you. looking forward to following you.. : )


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