Knowing love–

Only the soul knows what love is. (Rumi)

This image has lingered all day. Glances passed from one spirit to the next. Creation shares such a tender connection. A connection filled with complete trust and true risk. The soul’s language is filled with action, few words. Bound to one another all of creation is free to live in peace, free to exist together in a land with plenty for all. This image has lingered with all its beauty, peace and  risk.  It has been focus for prayer and meditation. ‘Only the soul knows…’ – may we find the quiet place for all of creation to experience a moment of connection, soul to soul. Filled with the risk of peace, may we unclench our hands and share in love’s bounty.

11 thoughts on “Knowing love–”

    1. Hello Julianna- Thank you for these kind words. Rumi has a way of drawing the best out of life. I welcome you to this bench and am equally grateful to have met you. Your website is beautiful! Peace…


      1. Certainly! I’m thinking the universe did its wonders today – I look forward to learning more about you and sharing of myself.


      2. Ahhhh – the Universe does its wonders every day, right? We’re just blessed to have noticed it today! Thanks for sharing in the noticing and gratitude with me! It’s always a joy to meet those on a similar wavelength…


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