Do you love what you do?

Some people may read this and feel inspired. Others may feel cynical and sarcastic. Yea right- do what I love with all this responsibility!

We are instilled with the thought that doing what we love can only come after doing what we must.

We awaken one morning to realize our time has been filled with ‘the musts’ and the energy to do what we love has been spent.

Is it possible to do both at same time? Today most people live to work without even considering the possibility of working to live. Take a minute and really read this quote – as I read it, I am reminded of the familiar question – ‘is the glass half empty or half full’.

Could it be said just well – Let what you do, be what you love?

Be well this day.

4 thoughts on “Do you love what you do?”

  1. I love what I do. It took a long time to get here but it is never a day of work. It is more like a retirement and people come in and out to visit us. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Do what you love and contentment becomes a part of your spirit. Love the post!!!! You are always an inspiration.


    1. To be content – hum. that may be its own ‘practice’. I will have to think about that one! Thank you for your kind words, Millie. Peace…


  2. Do I love what I do???Not really. Can I live with out what I do???Not Really. The bottom line is, it is the paycheck that allows me to live.


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