Circles around the earth…


Early morning when the stir of life is in the distance, barely whispering its arrival — we are graced by people of many faiths who rise to pray for all reasons. It is said that morning prayers in the Hindu tradition are, at their core, the sun’s call to rise, necessary for its arrival. All of creation joins in starting a new day.

It is a mystery – how we are all so inter-connected. On the surface where our minds work their distractions, we are seldom conscience of this primal bond. This can be difficult to comprehend and so uncomfortable that we build walls trying to distinguish and divide our differences. Neither the less, we are woven together by our great Creator’s design and touched by one another.

Unable to fully comprehend this or find the moments needed to honor our common bond, I give thanks for those people who use their gift of time and holy wisdom to gently continue weaving us together through their prayer and presence.

Today I share a reflection from one such person, Bishop Steven Charleston.

May it inspire you as it has me.

In these quiet hours I pray a rosary of special intention for all those I know who are in need of blessing. Some beads are by name, a single person I see so clearly, even if only for a moment. Some are for names I do not know, the hungry, the homeless, the ones in harm’s way. Some are communities. Some are calls for justice, some are whispers of mercy. But all of these beads are living souls, bound together by the thread of God’s love, linked by that love, held fast by the chain of prayer. In these quiet hours my rosary circles the Earth while never leaving my hand.
Bishop Steven Charleston


6 thoughts on “Circles around the earth…”

  1. Carrie,

    What a beautiful post. It blessed me just when I needed it the most. This message is much needed in today’s crazy, hateful world. God’s continued blessings upon you as well.



  2. Amazing bonds and interconnections Carrie!
    I had just done what you described, then turned on the iPhone and read your Jungian description of interfaith worship. But the Bishop’s accounting of saying Rosary beads for individual persons: I Had Completed that brief method of prayer with one bead for each or small groups of friends battling cancer!
    As in Matthew a week ago: the Kingdom is literally at hand.
    Bless you and your Divine messages…


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Your reference to the reading in Matthew’s gospel is delightful and certainly carries a wonderful image of what was being described in these reflections. May our prayers rise as incense. Peace…


      1. Thank you Carrie, you are generous. I wish that incense were used more often in worship services. Certain odors bring back such pleasant memories. The olfactory bulb has connections to the amygdala (emotion) and the hippocampus (memory).

        “When nothing else subsists from the past….. the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls· bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory” -Marcel Proust “The Remembrance of Things Past”


      2. Wow- great description concerning incense. Our simple nature has so much going on right under the surface. Kudos to the mystery of life!!
        Blessings today and always.


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