Of wonder and delight


May this new day bring a sense of wonder and the surprise of delight! Stay awake – theses moments last as long as fingers can snap. Be curious – these moments are never found in the obvious places.

3 thoughts on “Of wonder and delight”

  1. From a 2009 sermon by the Very Reverend M. Sadgrove, Dean of Durham Cathedral, UK “Still Small Voice” – (1 Kings 19.1-16)

    “The Hebrew has qol demama dakka. You can hear the restfulness in that phrase, onomatopoeic of stillness and calm. The English versions struggle here. ‘Still small voice’ is the familiar phrase. Other versions have a ‘murmuring sound’, one faint, one light, one low – which make it sound like frogs. Our version’s ‘sound of sheer silence’ perhaps owes too much to Simon and Garfunkel. The root idea is something minute, thin, very fine, a nano-sound in absolute contrast to the macrocosmic scale of the earthquake, wind and fire. So it means something uttered under the breath, the tiniest of whispers so infinitesimal that you wonder whether you have heard it at all. ”

    The voice of God is one of those precious moments heard through silence.


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