Life’s Lessons…again



Nothing Goes Away... Pema

How often do you find yourself in a situation that brings up feelings you thought you had resolved long ago! Life lessons often seem to re-appear still full of new perspectives and teaching. These are the ‘teachings’ offered when we find ourselves in old, familiar discussions; you know, the conversations that are filled with those same words that clench our stomachs once again. These are the ‘teachings’ offered in situations when we are faced with memories of  times in our past, memories that rise at the oddest times to re-stir earlier feelings of hurt or deep longing for what is-no-more.
Often we spend hours sitting with counsel in hopes to “work out” these feelings from our past or to practice changing the unhealthy ways of relating to people in our lives today. Those hours spent in reflection are not time ill spent. Awareness is important to health and well-being. Yet if our goal is to have the past be neatly resolved – never to bother us again – we will continue to be disappointed.

As every small finger and button nose of a new-born child remains and is a part of growth into adulthood, ever important to the forming of a whole and healthy person; so must the stories (the celebrations and sorrows) be a part of  us, making us wholly (holy) and unique. The words are wise – shared with us from the great Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron – the things we need to know are waiting to clear our hearts and calm our spirits. Yes, the learning is hard work and sometimes painful but we need not feel alone — the world is filled with ‘students’ on this path. 

When we find one another, may we offer greetings of welcome and compassion.

7 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons…again”

  1. Thank you Carrie for letting me to sit on your
    Bench and clarify my thinking by emptying the
    Problems and gaining Awareness.
    When I first read “Life’s Lessons” yesterday I was also reading (en Español) the recent Gospel lessons from Matthew 13.
    Jesus was explaining to the disciples that He spoke in parables for the uninformed people who had trouble understanding. But for the faithful He spoke clearly about “los secretos
    del reino de los cielos”: the secrets of the kingdom.
    Yes– on your Bench we can empty out our concerns and center our thoughts and gain awareness.


    1. The parables told in the Gospels are a wonderful way to gain awareness. Much like Zen Koans – they offer a new understanding each time they are spoken.
      If we pay attention – benches are all around. Thank you for your kind words.



        “…the Kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it.”

        Gospel of Thomas, verse 113


  2. One of my yoga teachers shared this same graphic the other day and I love it. Awareness is so important and I agree that it’s nice to know others are with us on the same path. Peace & love.


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