Today’s Hope



When big life changes have been made, words such as these, by C.S. Lewis, can be meaningful and bring comfort.
Many times I have taken the next ‘step’ in life by faith, not feeling any sense of control, just a nudge to move ahead. The only way to know if the next step would be the right choice was when I looked back to see that the path had brought me to a place of hope and peace.
Moving forward in life is essential to our health and well-being. We were never intended to be static – holding tight to our past, staying ‘safe’ in situations which may be familiar but bring little life.
The ‘better things ahead’ are realized as they are experienced which means there is a time when one has to trust in the unknown. Nothing may look like what was expected but with patience what lies ahead can bring new life and energy.
May you take small ‘steps’ when the time for change has arrived. Don’t be surprised to discover encouragement by the people you meet along the way.
Our life journeys may be personal but there are many others on route to their own destination.

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