Today’s blessing…

So many mornings I awake grateful for a new day. During this time of my transition I have had to depend on people who I never knew until I came to my new home in the North Carolina’s mountains. I have been blessed with caregivers who are full of energy, fun to be with, and very knowledgeable about the area. I have begun to meet people and forge new friendships. And now I am beginning to connect with a larger community who are involved with faith formation (Christian Education) – it will be good  to offer my time and resources when possible. I never thought I would have to retire so early. This has been a journey of ‘trust’.

Below I share a ‘blessing’ with you. May it enrich your moments as it has mine:

Be blessed today, blessed in who you are, in the time you are, in the place you are. Blessed in your moment of rising, when what waits for you still waits, either good or bad, so that you may face it knowing you are not alone. Blessed in your acts of creation, great and small, the things you will do to make a world for yourself, doing all that you can to make that world a better place. Blessed in your hours of resting, when you seek to leave it all behind, embracing the peace of angels who watch over you, keeping you blessed while the quiet stars shine above you.  Bishop Steven Charleston

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