Feed and nourish

As this week moves toward its end, I can not help but reflect on the state of our country. So out of touch – we have created enormous distractions that allow us to ignore the most basic needs before us. The rhetoric is filled with anger, dishonesty and contempt. And this is before I even begin to mention the political environment.

The weekend will soon call many of us to come together in our respective faith communities. Are these places where we find sacred time and space to re-member and renew our commitments to journey this life in faith and care for one another. Our children and youth watch and model what they experience from the adults in their midst. We are all bombarded – including the youngest among us – with negative attitudes and actions when we enter the world. How do we stay focused on our commitment to bring light in the darkest places? How do we guide our children to live with hope as their compass?

As people of faith, we have an opportunity to show a different way of living in this world. A way filled with compassion and concern for the good of all people – that the most basic of need is made available and community is created where everyone has a part in its vitality and purpose. May this be something we consider as we enter our holy places. May we take time to share our thoughts and prayers as we seek ways to live our faith, our call to bring good news where none has been heard in a very long time.

Below I share this prayer in hopes that it will bring insight and therefor action. It is written and offered from an amazing community called Iona, placed on an island (isle) in Scotland.

From “50 New Prayers From the Iona Community“:

God in whose love we are made,
When bread is before us
Remind us of the hungry.
When our key is in our door
Remind us of those who have no home.
When we enjoy the opportunities of money in our pockets
Remind us of those who only know poverty.
When the laughter of friendship fills our hearing
Remind us of those who know only loneliness.
When the love of our family keeps us safe
Remind us of those whose family was the place of their pain.
When we wonder what it is we can do,
Remind us that you said:
‘Whenever you feed the hungry, clothes the naked,
welcome the stranger, visit the prisoner,
you do it to me.’
May prayer feed our actions
and may our actions
feed the world.

9 thoughts on “Feed and nourish”

  1. Carrie, I so agree with you! The first paragraph of your post speaks more truth than a great many people care to admit. I hope you don’t mind that I re-blogged the post in my own blog. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Hope to meet you at PQR one of these days!


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