to say goodbye and thank you…

Go, sit upon the lofty hill,
And turn your eyes around,
Where waving woods and waters wild
Do hymn an autumn sound.
The summer sun is faint on them —
The summer flowers depart —
Sit still — as all transform’d to stone,
Except your musing heart.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1833)The Autumn

And this is where I sit. Awed with the beauty and stirred by the season’s transition. The air is crisp. The colors teasing as they prepare us for the stark winter. It is a gift -creation gives- so our memories of warmth and color can carry us through until the budding spring. Transitions offer moments of insight – the ‘time in between’ can be when we have new or re-newed understanding of our lives and our purpose.

May you find a “lofty hill” and consider this transition with a grateful heart.

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