Welfare —

Welfare- a single word that carries so much meaning. Often understood to reflect a benevolent connection with all people – those in need and those in abundance, finding common ground. For decades used in this country to describe structures set in place to assist those who are poor and those with unique needs so they might have the basics for living; food, shelter, medial care and seek meaningful, productive lives. Of recent ‘welfare‘ has become a word filled with negative connotations. Used to posture opinion as our country prepares for a presidential election.

We risk so much when we turn our backs on one another. If we are not awake, society’s focus on the individual could wash our collective minds and hearts of the importance to care for one another. How tragic and dangerous.

Helen Keller knew so well the importance of interdependence. Her independence was directly impacted by her community’s support and encouragement. Her life was an example of welfare’s good and brought encouragement for generations to come. The well-being of one person ripples beyond to all people.

Welfare – we must hold this word carefully before us as we help to shape the future of our country and our lives. To allow its definition to be re-tooled for purposes of greed and prejudice is not an option.

Carry this word to your time of quiet, in prayer and meditation. May its seed take root and give us the needed strength to live by example. The welfare of all depends on each of us. Not as individuals but as a community shaped by our actions – actions that have ultimate effect on all.

Welfare – a word of compassion and empowerment. May we use it carefully and with sincerity.


8 thoughts on “Welfare —”

  1. OMG, how true! In my younger, more cynical days, I thought of “welfare” as government assistance for those who “borrowed” each others’ kids when the State Welfare Social Worker came around to get more money so they could buy a bigger Cadillac than the one they already drove around in. But that was then and this is now and my compassion for others has grown considerably, as has my maturity. Lets just hope that the current President is re-elected so that the welfare of ALL is not seriously impaired by the greediness of the few! Have a wonderful day! Hope to meet you one day at Peaceful Quest Retreats! (Millie is one of my dearest friends.)


    1. Your comment is appreciated! Thank the Great Creator for being patient as we awaken. Whatever happens many are ‘awake’ and we have work before us.
      I look forward to meeting you, as well, Sue. Thank you for visiting. Peace.


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