I Sing A Song…

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And one was a doctor, one was a queen, one was a shepherdess on the green –

I come to this day each year in quiet awe for all the blessed people etched into the heart of our faith. This heart is strong and ever-growing. Each year more holy ones move within its beating space ready to offer us their story. We are renewed and encouraged by their example and wisdom – these people known to us as saints.

There are many saints who lived long ago and then there are the ‘saints’ we have known in this life. Humbled, I name a few; David, Harrison, Cathy, Vickie, Mary, Eva, Sam, Sid and forever my dear Beth. Some new names and some whose memory remains bright. It is good to have this holy day of All Saints. For one day of the year, I rest my need to figure out the mysteries of God and faith. I start the day with a promise to spend time remembering each saint that comes to mind. Ever thankful for their presence in my life – bright examples of God’s creativity, each called to reflect God’s sacred light.

A day to walk with the saints who have gone before us. A day filled with moments of surprise and tender memories. So I put on my comfortable shoes. carry some extra Kleenex and start into the day singing:

“For the saints of God are folk just like me, And I mean to be one too.


6 thoughts on “I Sing A Song…”

  1. Thank you Saint Carrie!
    The 2008 sermon by Bishop Katharine Schori comes to mind: her list began with the trash man. I heard a large truck coming down our street before 8 on all Saints Day.
    I ran out, waved, and took a picture of the giant robotic arm picking up our little pile of limbs after Superstorm Sandy.
    The storm barely blew here in Kinston, NC and little damage at the beach.
    But today let’s give thanks for the women and men who responded to the people in need in the Northeast; and especially for FEMA, governors, mayors, and President who crossed so many political lines to serve the least privileged and the most fortunate Americans struck by the wrathfull wind, fire, flood,
    and snow.
    And thankful for saints we know who are on the “the other side of the hedge” like Dear Beth.
    Your friend Ed


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