Headed home


We’re all just walking each other home.
Ram Dass

The quote from Ram Dass is simple yet clear. The path laid before us is filled with twists and turns only to return us to the place where we began – home. Perhaps this home is lost in our memory right now but never in our hearts.

From its beginning people join us along our journey. Each has something unique to offer. We are blessed by their stories and companionship.

Often we forget that we ‘walk’ this road. Then something or someone reminds us. Presently I am acutely aware of the path back to ‘home’. Humbled I am on a journey with a friend who is approaching the end of her life. She talks about her journey nearing its end – her home closer and her comfort as she moves toward this destination. Few words are needed on this portion of the journey. Stories are shared and honesty is our guest.

So often we imagine chaos and confusion during this time and there are moments when anxiety can create these feelings. But more often than not the walk is simple and rich with the grace of our great Creator’s presence.

If only we could live with the knowledge of this journey before us. There would be much more patience and kindness all around us.

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