Dreams and inspiration



I believe to dream is to live. So often we let time move us forward, even when our intuition tells us to pay attention. It is important to be awake and alert when dreaming. Dreams give us direction and nudge our imagination.

Never too old – never too “set in our ways”. New dreams often are the opening to God’s great imagination. They can speak to us by offering insight to where we have been and more important where we could be going.

We are in season of dreams. During Advent angels visit often. Throughout the preparation and birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph awaken from dreamlike visits by angels, visits that instruct them of their role as parents to this young child of God. They quickly learn to listen and respect their guides.

To live into our dream is to take a chance. Like Mary and Joseph we choose to respond to God’s call for us by stepping out in faith, to exclaim the good news the God is among us.

We are in the season dreams. May we take a step closer to the life God desires us. Like Mary and Joseph, may we let these holy dreams shape our lives so we may witness to God’s great love.


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