In your peace…


Some days my faith feels smaller than a mustard seed. I know that seed to be very, very small. And yet I am reminded – the small mustard seed produces an amazing tree – present for shelter and spice.
Whether the mustard seed grew into a sheltering tree or a small plant, our Creator could use it to spread peace and healing. How – I cannot say. It is a mystery or maybe better explained as a miracle. What I do believe – the smallest of faith, as is shown in the mustard seed, can be used for the greatest of gifts.
With this miracle in mind, I share the prayer below. May it offer renewal and inspiration.

By your Grace
we are forgiven,
in your peace
our lives are lived.
By your touch
we know healing,
in your strength
are we made whole.
When this is forgotten,
our focus on self,
your face obscured,
forgive and restore.
Take our mustard seed of faith
and let it grow,
take root
and blossom
in our hearts and lives.
Through your beloved –
Jesus Christ.

(adapted from prayer found on website Faith and Worship)

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

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