God writes spiritual Mysteries on our heart,
where they wait silently for discovery.  RUMI

So much of life is spent in search of meaning, in search of peace. Is it in our education and our vocation? Do we find what we seek in the way we create family and the leadership we offer in our communities? Each of these aspects in life are before us to do with what we will. Each can bring significant meaning to our sense of well-being.

So much of life is spent in search of meaning. What if… the discovery is as close as your heart? In a quiet moment, doing the most basic of task – a window may open to reveal a future bright with purpose and content. Times of discovery are often experienced when all is still. Not just physically but also with stillness of mind. In our search for meaning, God offers comfort and assurance along way. Never to interrupt the search, God is found near and far. Life is an outward journey, yes, but the heart’s journey is found on a parallel path. We traverse back and forth on these two roads as they each provide their own insight and strength. Rumi’s reflection describes a place within each of us filled with epiphanies and waiting for our attention. Such is the way of the spirit. Such is the way of the heart. 

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