A life full of moments

images-3     the beauty of moments – is that you never know – when you are making – a cherished memory.

Moments with Millie (Millie Mestril)

These words have become as a mantra preparing me for this Holy Week. It is ancient truth spoken again by a creative and ever-wise friend – many moments pass while we hurry to move through the hours and days of life. More often than not the moments that become most cherished are discovered as we look back. To be aware of ‘the now’ is not an easy task! It takes a discipline that requires a certain way of living where time is set apart for meditation and prayer. Most of us struggle to find enough hours in a day. The world spins at a speed on which we can barely balance. Even so each moment remains unto itself – a single instant, a deep breath.

Holy Week is an excellent time to consider the role and importance of cherished memories. The moments we have lived that remain in our hearts and minds, remain as markers in our growth and insight.

During these few holy days we are gifted with examples of how a flash of time is transformed into an event remembered forever. I have often wondered if the people surrounding Jesus understood the importance of paying attention  as he entered Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Paying attention was important for everyone throughout his ministry; yet in the last week, days and minutes of Christ’s earthly presence what he said and did overflowed with meaning. I wonder if any of his faithful friends and followers were able to ‘see’ that what was happening would change their lives forever.

They were human, consumed with the anticipation of God’s important event. Each imagined that event through their own passionate hopes. Each were left breathless to the outcome. Victory and freedom had not been expected to occur in the brutal death of their beloved leader, teacher and friend. In the days to follow their memories would become the encouragement, inspiration and strength to continue on The Way.

May this week offer time for you to think about the moments, past and present, that are your encouragement and inspiration.

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