What can I do?


Many of us are asking — what can we do? at this time of chaos and pain – feelings more familiar than ever before, we stand in this moment challenged to hold onto hope and find ways to help. the world is large and our impact may feel too small. as always, it is one step at a time, it is with one person – one greeting or extending hand where help is needed. Be at peace

What do I have that can best serve humanity in this time of our need? When I first thought of that question I was a bit humbled. What can I offer? Not much. I have no influence or authority, no wealth or connections. I feel a deep need in the lives of those around me, but what can I do for them? Then it came to me: I can be happy. I can walk through life without complaint. Even if I hurt, I can smile. I can seed laughter out into the world, the simple joy of being privileged to take another breath. I have humor to spare, and hope in abundance. How about you? (the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston)

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