‘Now that’s a blessing’

(image taken by Marateaman )

Once the seed of faith takes root it cannot be blown away, even by the strongest wind.
Now that’s a blessing. (Rumi)

Seeds are planted long before their fruit is revealed. Young seedlings push with a strength given by God’s wisdom and delight. They push seeking much needed light and warmth for survival.
Light and warmth – the seed of faith is no different. Nestled within the seeker’s heart a seed grows through the care of practice, devotion and compassion. Roots take hold to secure faith, steadfast and strong, as the soul’s soil strains for water in the wilderness.
Trust the water will be found. Let there be comfort in the knowledge that ‘Holy care’ tends these roots and their growth, even when you feel weakened by life’s strong winds. Faith remains.

Now that’s a blessing.

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