Heaven’s doorway


a good word on this Sabbath day…

Today is the acceptable year of your hope, today is the gift of grace given to you. It is now, here, in this moment that you will discover what you have sought for so long. Heaven does not arise in distant realms far removed from your reality: its doorway stands before you. These hours are poured into your hands like a treasure, they will not come again. Embrace the peace that passes between your dawn and the sunset waiting patiently on the horizon. Make this day count. Make it sing. Make it be the dream you first found in night’s companion hours. Steven Charleston

3 thoughts on “Heaven’s doorway”

  1. Carrie — where is the Doorway?
    When the disciples asked Jesus where the Kingdom of Heaven is ( like in the sky ?).
    But in Luke 17:21 the answer is either
    “amongst you” or “in the midst of you” in most versions of the Bible.
    But in the King James Version, Douay-Rheim, and also in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas the answer is different because of the preposition used:
    ” the Kindom is within you.”

    What is the opinion of your readers?


    1. That is a great question, Ed. Of recent I have been in several conversations noting ‘the Kingdom is within you’. Makes for a more contemplative perspective yet always with the call to action.
      I invite others to respond…


      1. I have opinions about the differences in meanings of the 3 prepositions in the 3 versions:
        Amongst ; in the Midst of; Within.
        But I will wait for more learnéd people ( than me) to respond …
        A Divine coincidence today—A friend of yours, a Presbyterian female minister in Kinston giving an excellent funeral sermon for a deceased friend of mine.
        The topic was that the Kingdom of God does not start for the individual after death but the Kingdom is Now.


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