Rest stop

Beautiful picture and call to take our own ‘rest stop’. Just imagine what we might see when our pace slows for even five minutes.

Roadkill Crossing

reststopbybrucestambaugh Rest stop. © Bruce Stambaugh 2014.

My wife called me to the large flowerbed in the front yard. She wanted me to see a funny looking bird, which turned out to be a fledgling American Goldfinch. As I was trying to capture just the right shot of this youngster, another bird caught my attention. A juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird was working the flowers directly behind the young Goldfinch. I tried without success to get both birds in the same frame. Instead, I had to settle for different photos of each young bird.

A birder more expert than me helped me to identify this bird as a first year male. The streaks and dark patch on its chin marked it as a young male. He only rested briefly on the Japanese Anemone stalk. But it was just long enough for me to snap his portrait.

“Rest stop” is my Photo of…

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3 thoughts on “Rest stop”

  1. Beautiful indeed! I love birds and spend the first few minutes each day sitting in our little backyard garden watching the daily “regulars” at our two bird-seed feeders and one hummingbird liquid-feeder.
    The photo you shared has brightened my morning and I will carry it in my mind today. Thanks for sharing!


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