10609454_10153183345571982_4389626093230978933_nOur practice is to find our true home. When we breathe, we breathe in such a way that we can find our true home. When we make a step, we make a step in such a way that we touch our true home with our feet. ((Thich Nhat Hanh)

with our heads held high and minds at work to navigate our way home. we are constantly seeking a place to belong – a place we can call ‘home’. during this life-long search, there is often little awareness of the ground beneath our feet. this is the ground that has been our home since the dawn of time.

4 thoughts on “HOME…”

  1. Carrie, Neva and I have been taking yoga classes since March. It is based entirely on focusing on breathing. Breath in, breath out. So simple, yet so hard to remember, and to do in this hectic world. Yoga, and my gluten free diet, seemed to have renewed me, rooted me into the very ground on which I was born. Thank you for posting this excellent reminder to us all.




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