The quiet of early morning 

Breathe deep and take in these quiet moments – the time just before the first bird sings.

The spirit is near but we are often unaware. Even as her offer to encourage and inspire stands ready, we manage to proudly claim this inspiration as something of our own creation.

May you begin this Sabbath with a still and focused breath.

4 thoughts on “The quiet of early morning ”

  1. Good evening, Dear,sweet Carrie. I am thankful that you write with such a caring heart. I am not surprised. You make my eighty-six year old heart very glad. I am proud to be your Godmother. May I now have a hug? More love, Godmother Rita


    1. What a delightful surprise! Welcome to my bench, dear Godmother. Thank you for these kind words. This caring heart is nurtured by sweet family like you. Blessings to you as you begin this new year! Sending love…


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