Let It Be


This is one of my favorite prayers. It is found in the ‘New Zealand Prayer Book’. I re-discovered it while closing my computer and letting go of the unfinished work of this day. An unlikely place and perfect timing.

“There is never enough time in a day” – I do not know if this is truly a quote but I am certain that it is deep within my understanding of time and work. It is a statement that we as a society have come to believe as truth.

What does it mean to run out of time? Deadlines are always before us but even after they have arrived, time moves ahead. Whether we meet the dreaded deadlines or not, the next minute arrives and we are greeted with options for how we face the future. 

We cannot change the motion of time. But we do have choices. Can we release our clinched hands, letting go of our attempted grip on time? Can we relax long enough to observe a passing moment – what it brings and what it takes away? 

This prayer reminds us of a simple truth. What is done is done and what is not done remains so. How do we learn to ‘let it be’?

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