Diving deeper


Photo from Gregory Colbert
Photo from Gregory Colbert

“Perhaps the goal
Is not to spend this day
Power skiing atop an ocean of multitasking.
Maybe the idea is to swim slower
Dive deeper
And really look around.
There is a difference between
A life of width
And a life of depth.”

Excerpt From: Because There Is Not Enough Time, “A Permeable Life: Poems and Essays” – Carrie Newcomer


2 thoughts on “Diving deeper”

  1. I loved the image as well as the poem. I remember hearing Carrie Newcomer sing a Folk Arts concert at the bakery on 5th Street, and then she turned up being a guest on Krista Tippett’s “On Being.” And now here, on your blog; thanks!


    1. Thanks, Mike. One of my favorite songs by Carrie Newcomer is ‘Gathering of Spirits’. A poet who sings — you know about them. You are one too! Always good to connect with you.


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