Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

To be whole… energized and ready to shine with celestial light. In a world so dark may we prayer for renewal –   that a newfound energy might spread this light to the darkest corners.

Live & Learn


Like when you squeeze lemon into black tea
and the black tea starts brightening all over.
Her fatigue was gradually brightening.
Without any fatigue whatsoever, incidentally.
The way a firefly lights up.
Since she was no longer tired,
she’d get up and get dressed.
It was time to start.

~ Clarice Lispector, “The Imitation of the Rose.” The Complete Stories

Photo: Fireflies by m hamajima via Mostly Japan

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Wake-Up Call”

  1. So so beautiful Carrie! I have several friends here in Arizona that signed up and often they will email me and tell me how much what you write and post means to them.

    Thank you for always pointing us to the Light!

    Loving you from far away,

    Your super favorite cousin (ish),


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