Acceptance re-visited

for those who have already seen this post, please read again – the wrong draft was published!



these are the wisest of words. having lived with a disability since birth I understand they describe so much of my way of living. while adapting, adjusting and adapting some more, I have been no stranger to the concept of acceptance. each step on life’s way I believe a choice is made, an attitude checked. my passion for life and all of its adventures has always taken precedence over doubts or discouragements. 

this is a good thing but to say that I never get discouraged or tired would be a lie. acceptance can take a lot energy.

natural- right? of course.

adjusting to changes can take a lot of energy – this is not to be taken lightly. just like people’s tolerance for pain may vary, such is true for a person’s ability to adapt to changes. there are times when one must slow down and re-set.  my re-set often involves time for prayer and silence, care and support of friends and family and an ever growing ‘gratitude’ list.

acceptance is an active word. each day I awaken to begin anew and at that moment know I have a choice to live through the day putting acceptance in motion. it is so much better for my body and spirit. without acceptance the day can become a battle leaving me bruised and exhausted at the end of the day.

so on this second day of 2016 I am grateful – for people like Michael J. Fox who live life to the fullest. he has shown many of us how to accept a situation and figure out how to move through it.

prepared to accept what comes my way, I am grateful  for new beginnings – be they a new day or a new year. Welcome 2016! 

5 thoughts on “ Acceptance re-visited”

  1. Carrie– you were brave and good as a young child at the Children’s Rehab at UVa.
    Dr. Ed

    “Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
    he courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.”
    St. Francis of Assisi


  2. Thank you for the beautiful & powerful quote. And, Carrie, your comments about your own journey are equally beautiful & powerful. I will be sharing your message with a member of our family who bravely deals with heavy “disability” issues. I’m confident she will resonate at a deep level with all you have written. But she is not the only one who will be strengthened by what you’ve both expressed and live. I will be among those whom, I’m confident, will be printing out a copy to post in my “quote diary” — a personal journal I keep to read & re-read to help me stay focused & encouraged.


      1. Thanks Carrie. I have just read your revision. I liked the other one but the revision is great too. I have made a hard-copy of the revision for my qoute-journal and I have made a copy to give our daughter tomorrow morning. My wife will want to read it too so I’m printing one for her as well.

        I pray that you will have a blessed New Year. I look forward to continue reading your postings!


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