A wonder-ful day


This a wonderful day.
I’ve never seen this one before.

This morning is very quiet. Snow falls gently waking dawn’s  life.  No tracks nor shovels have touched the perfect blanket spread everywhere one can see.

A new day – one never been seen. Enjoy its detail. It will never be seen again!

 ( photo from Growing Nation)

2 thoughts on “A wonder-ful day”

  1. To my beloved Godchild Carrie- This is my second attempt to tell you that Samuel Neff lit two candles for you at different masses, and last Sunday I lifted you into God’s “marvelous Light” at Eucharist. (Julie told me the first greeting did not reach you.)We are sending you hugamugs(my silly word for hugs),love, ghostly strength,and Love.Godmother Rita


    1. Dearest Rita,

      Thank you for your loving note. I am thrilled to see you on my blog! You are one of my beloveds who have inspired me to write.

      Always, Carrie


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