Grace given


 ‘…can never get but only by given…’  

Grace is a thing divine and illusive. Whether or not we long for it most of us need it. More often than not its presence is only recognized after the fact. 

How to describe grace – a mother’s loving touch, the flight of a hawk or the quiet run of a doe. 

There is a sense of gratitude when grace is given. While having to endure challenging times in life, grace can be the blanket that enfolds us with comfort and protection. 

Might now be the time it is given? In this world’s fragile moment, can we be opened for the gift of grace and the practice of gratitude?

4 thoughts on “Grace given”

  1. Grace is the gifts my mother gives me everyday when I forget where I put something or I forgot what we did yesterday or I read her the same inspirational verse that I have read to her the last 3 days. She doesn’t scold me, she just smiles and says that is wonderful. Later she will say “I may have heard that before”…and I know I read it to her yesterday!


    1. This is a great example of grace. And blessing! We are all better people because of the patience of our mothers.
      It’s good to hear from you. Join me at my bench anytime.
      In peace – Carrie


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