Can we see the forest for the trees?

We are only as blind as we want to be.
Maya Angelo

Another evening trying to avoid the noise from our country’s play at politics. But like the dangerous sirens on Ulysses’s rock, I am drawn to this shore filled with harsh and dissonant refrains of egos and anger.

There is so much happening that needs our attention. So many questions about how our country has arrived at this confusing and chaotic moment. So many concerns about the unbalanced spin of our world. To see these problems we have to back away from the loud, numbing entertainment of our ‘wanna-be’ leaders.

Step back far enough to see the big picture. And then do something – act with compassion for all caught in the spin. They may be unable to see their own way out. Never ignore the noise, for it is designed to throw everything off balance. Instead find ways to blanket its sound with actions that come from clear vision and passionate resolve.

We must find a way to see the forest even when we are seemingly caught within the trees. It is a conscious choice as Maya Angelo so wisely warns. Our ‘blindness’  is so often selective. Pray that our eyes may be open into action.



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