Live in the present…


Live in the present.
Do the things that need to be done.
Do all the good you can each day.
The future will unfold.

 In the midst of chaos there is a common cry… what can we do? Over the last few weeks an energy has stirred. An energy of shared inspiration and a vision for action. I am reminded of my college years when we were vocal about reducing nuclear arms – vocal and active. We knew the danger  and we marched to make a difference.

Today we know so much more. We can get information anytime, anywhere. Scary things are surfacing. Things that  we suspected back in the 80s but only now see their truth before us. While living through this unsettling change, seeds of distrust are being planted to separate us.

And so, what must we do to believe in one another and believe we can make a difference? Action is called for. In the public square and our neighborhoods. No answer will come to us with ease. As the work is demanding how do we gather energy and find Peace?

One idea- balance the hard work with kindness and acts of compassion.

‘Do all the good you can each day. For the future will unfold.’

Quote – Peace Pilgrim
Image – unknown

2 thoughts on “Live in the present…”

  1. Thank you, Carrie–a true “Peace Pilgrim” and companion on the way! I was referred to your “blog” inadvertently by Donald Schell, whose online blog at CDSP popped up as I was completing my own short reflection on the BCP for a CALL course in Liturgics with Walter Knowles (I’m taking this to prepare, ultimately (and God willing) for ordination in the Diocese of Northern California, where I currently serve as a chaplain to several area nursing homes, rehab centers, and senior residences. Good to know you are still walking a road to peace and reconciliation in the Spirit of Christ. I’ll subscribe to your blog, and you can reach me here: Blessings and Peace+ Grant Bakewell


    1. Grant- thank you for visiting my blog. Having served as a chaplain for 12+ years I appreciate the honor we are given to be with people at some of their most personal life moments. ‘Presence’ is often what we have to offer.
      Prayers for your discernment.
      In peace – Carrie


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