Prepare… the time is now

Let us prepare our minds as if we had come to the very end of life.
Let us postpone nothing.
Let us balance life’s books every day.
The person that puts the finishing touches on their life each day
is never short of time.


It is an end and a beginning. Many in the Christian tradition celebrate the start of a New Year on the first Sunday of December. It is the season of Advent – the 4 weeks leading to Christmas.

During this time there is focus on anticipation and preparation. As if God is not always around us there is a certain emphasis in Advent on getting ready for God to come among us.

How would we live each day? Would we stay alert?  Would we be present to each breath with gratitude?

Four weeks until Christmas… what is most important? How do we live each day with a sense anticipation and a pace that offers plenty of time? These are the questions of Advent.

Stay alert and prepare. This is the practice of Advent.


Quote: Seneca,  Moral Letters, 101, 7b – 8a
Image: Pinterest

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