2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday…”

  1. I am reminded of a passage written by the Camaldolese monk, Fr. Thomas Matus:

    “The search for religious identity and for the objective certitude that goes with it is part of human nature and hence in itself is positive and often necessary for maintaining one’s sanity. But the search for religious identity is not the same thing as the spiritual search. Being aware of one’s religious roots is comforting, but it is not identical either with faith or the experience with God. Faith, when it is authentic, takes me beyond security into a realm where peace may indeed be found, but only in an unmoored drifting into the vast sea of reality. I cast my anchor of my life down, and I let its line run deep into the unfathomable God on whose bosom I float. In this situation, two certitudes reassure me: the one, that it is not madness to be afloat in God, and the other, that I am not alone on this sea.”


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