a Sabbath like no other!

it is the Sabbath. no work can be done – and so they waited. in shock and grief, they are completely separated from their beloved friend and teacher. no tender care can be given to his lifeless body nor sorrow shared in his presence. and so they waited for the dawn — a dawn like no other!

this day is still a day to wait. every year I feel awkward and impatient as I try to practice stillness. I, too, wait for the dawn – prepared for the sounds of joy as the story is told – I remember we are celebrating a Sabbath like no other!

Saturday Silence

The shadows shift and fly.
the air trembles,
thick with silence,
until, finally,
the footsteps are heard
and the noise
of the voice of God
is upon us.
The Holy One
is not afraid
to walk
on unholy ground.
The Holy Work is done,
and the world awaits
the dawn of light.

Ann Weems from Kneeling in Jerusalem

posted by Sue Whitt @ Sunday’s Child

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