could this work as a Lenten practice?

40 days are before us. time to reflect, prepare, and renew. many conversations are buzzing around my community. conversation about church growth, ministry for youth, issues of no money, and the importance of tradition. all well and good – yet I am hearing an undercurrent that cries for an awakening.

I share this blog with you. her words are direct and challenging. could this work as a Lenten practice? I would like to think ‘yes’. Thank you, Tamie Fields Harkins.

the youth in our lives, our faith communities, our world…

So many times we seem to stretch toward our young people in an effort to keep them connected to the church, to give them a place to be safe and express their uniqueness without criticism. With good intentions, ‘reaching-out’ can often feel like pulling-back’.

Young people have eyes and imagination looking ahead to what will be. Their vision of the church-future most certainly has the foundation passed to them across the centuries but its appearance and expression will reflect God’s culture (some might use kingdom) in a world not yet realized.

What would it be like to sit, wait, welcome and listen? Their perspective is important now. A Faith of Their Own — an article from the blog, ‘BuildingFaith‘, offers some helpful insight.

Ways to talk about our faith with family – young and young-at-heart!

Imagination — from which God created all that there is and still creates! How do we talk about this with our children and one another when gathered as family at home, at table. This company provides beautiful and accessible resources for these ‘conversations’ to happen throughout the church year.

Take a peak — you will not be disappointed!

For all the saints–

In celebration of all who have blazed the trail we humbly follow– (along with God’s gift of humor)

Happy All Saints Day… and to learn more about this holy day visit here — Sharon Pearson offers us great resources (and introduced the video below)

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