Gratitude and the price of admission…

As I walked down the avenue, the late afternoon sun was turning the lovely and dying sycamore leaves into fragments of brilliant stained glass,
and I said to myself, “This alone is worth the price of admission to our broken and glorious world.”

What a perfect time for Thanksgiving! We have been thrown into a sea of doubt.

Give us this moment to realign. the gift of this Thanksgiving is time set apart to see what is good in our lives, what is good in our neighborhoods, what is good in our world. This we can do-  turning to loved ones,  turning to family,  turning to neighbors and beyond we can offer time to give thanks. Blessings this day and always  

Quote: Linda Larrson

The dance between ‘Now and Then’

As our conversations continue in the “battle” between the values of past and present, I am grateful for this refreshing take on ‘now and then’. Thank you Bruce Stambaugh!

Roadkill Crossing

Williamsburg VA by Bruce Stambaugh
By Bruce Stambaugh

I couldn’t help but sense the irony and wonder in it all. My wife and I were visiting my older brother and his wife near Williamsburg, Virginia.

We all were enjoying a pleasant spring evening on the back porch of their lovely home. My wife was using her iPhone. My sister-in-law toyed with her iPad. My brother and I each were surfing around on our MacBook Pro laptops.

The evening was dark and still, except for the occasional distant rumble of thunder. The only light on the porch was the glow from the screens of our electronic gizmos.

My brother and sister-in-law own a lovely home just minutes away from Colonial Williamsburg. Founded in 1654, Williamsburg played a significant role in the development of our country to say the least.
Williamsburg home by Bruce Stambaugh
We had spent the heart of the day walking the streets of the historic town. If…

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the importance of re-creation!!

Ever spend a whole morning going through your desk — frantically paying bills, writing quick notes… — before leaving on vacation?!! How often do you feel there is too much to do, that it just is not a good time to go away?

My take on this familiar experience – look at all of the things that have been waiting (for some time) to be organized on that desk and walk away. When one questions leaving for vacation because the desk is too full, they likely need the time “off” more than they realize. These “things” will always be with us.

The thoughts I share are written as I look in a mirror — speaking to myself — it is probable that I will be negotiating with the Great Creator on my day of return, negotiating for just a few minutes to finish…

May this song add a smile as you plan your own re-creation  — If I Ever Leave This World Alive 

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