A reflection for today – Saturday of the second week in Advent

It is a rainy day in my neighborhood. Perfect for hot tea and Christmas lights. Lilly, my trusted companion, lays quietly by the tree with no obvious stress distracting her moment of rest. I am curious about this time of preparation — Advent. Do we move through each day looking for signs of God-among-us? Or do we move through these days stirred in the hurried pace looking for everything needed to greet God later?

I share this reflection to encourage you. In all of your busy moments be ready — God may greet you in the most unusual places! Check out this site and see what I mean — FLASH MOB ADVENT

In peace —

Ways to talk about our faith with family – young and young-at-heart!


Imagination — from which God created all that there is and still creates! How do we talk about this with our children and one another when gathered as family at home, at table. This company provides beautiful and accessible resources for these ‘conversations’ to happen throughout the church year.

Take a peak — you will not be disappointed!

A curious “new” south

oh yes, the snow is pretty -- but dog and friend are grateful for warmth!

This is the second weekend for us to experience snow deep enough that we can enjoy “guilt free” multiple days reading and visiting neighbors. Snow this deep and this often is almost unheard of — but let us not think for a minute that our global climate is changing!

I have started another book. This one by Brian McLaren — another must read. You’ll see the link to his website below.


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